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Caring for Your Saddle Blankets

The saddle blanket that you drape over your horse before putting your saddle down plays a very important role. It prevents your horse from developing sores as a result of friction between a saddle and a horse’s back. It also keeps your horse comfortable while you’re riding by evenly distributing pressure. You should take steps… Read more »

The Benefits of Merino Wool

Merino Wool

Cutter Classic’s 100% Merino wool backed saddle blankets last for years. They can easily be rinsed with water, they don’t soak up sweat, and wear for many years. Merino Wool is Comfortable Why does Cutter Classic use Merino wool for the saddle blankets? Well, if you’re familiar with wool clothing from growing up a long… Read more »

The Benefits of Alpaca Fiber

Alpaca Fiber

Have you ever had the chance to feel alpaca fiber? It’s incredibly soft and is often compared to cashmere because of its extremely plush texture. It can also provide you with as much warmth as wool does, but it doesn’t feel nearly as heavy as wool. Additionally, alpaca comes in more than a dozen natural… Read more »