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Cutter Classic Saddle Blankets
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by Kloei on Cutter Classic Saddle Blankets
The only saddle Pads/Blankets I will own

I own 3 Cutter Classic saddle blankets. The first one I bought about 5 years ago and the color has only lightly faded. It is now a beautiful pastel instead of bright blue and purple and still looks brand new! I found Cutter Classic after my horse kept getting a sore back after long rides. Anne has been so helpful with all of my blankets! Her advice and recommendation is always spot on. The quality of the blankets is the best I’ve had and Anne is such an amazing person to deal with. I will shop no where else for saddle blankets. I don’t do jobs that make much money and I splurged when I bought my first blanket. These blankets have been worth every Penny!

Since using the heavy weight wool blanket on my best bud, he no longer gets a sore back. We’ve done 2 summer’s of 5 days/week, 12 hour days, giving horseback tours in Yellowstone National Park. Spent time in snow, lots of rain, mud and hail. Then, 2 summers packing mule strings and ponying young mules around. The off seasons helping neighbors move cattle around and pleasure riding/exploring the National Forests. To be honest, my first saddle blanket is still fluffy and my everyday go to blanket. I feel it’s going to easily last another 5 years min!

I bought a second one mainly just to change my look up and use with different saddles, but I’ve rarely used it. My first still works too good!

The 3rd was for my husband because he liked mine so much! And to give him credit, he actually found Cutter Classic for me after all my trials... venting... trials... and more venting from me trying to keep my horse feeling his best. Bless him for his patience and love. My husband has the alpaca blanket without the wool to go under his Aussie saddle and it has worked perfectly for him! The saddle has stuffed panels and fit his horse like a glove.

Thank you so much Anne for these amazing blankets! Maybe one day my first blanket will wear out or I’ll get another horse just so I can buy another blanket from you! I LOVE them!

Nothing like a happy horse to make a happy rider!

by Anita P on Cutter Classic Saddle Blankets
Gorgeous Blankets

Ann, I wanted to let you know how very, very much I LOVE the two GORGEOUS blankets that I received from you!!! They are really beautiful!!! I have a Ranch Show coming up a week from today and I will be using one of them and I just can't wait!!! I am soooooo excited to have them and just can't thank you enough for being so kind and helpful to me in getting them!!! Have a wonderful weekend and thank you again!!!

by Anne Fallon on Cutter Classic Saddle Blankets
3rd pad for hard to fit horse

For years I have wrestled with bridging and dry spots and have done expensive chiropractic for my fox trotter. Then I met Anne and discussed a CC pad putting extra fill where the dips behind his shoulders were. This pad solved my issue, I get an even sweat line and have cut down chiro to once a year. They can fit the issues on any horse and the pads are beautiful, wash up nicely and last forever. I could not be happier. I now have a heavy weight for winter and a light weight for summer. I love this company because Anne takes the time to help you and just all around nice. I get so many compliments on the look but it is the fit that has made me happy

by River Stuckey on Cutter Classic Saddle Blankets
Excellent Product

I recently started using the medium weight pads on our two and three year old barrel prospects. I can see and feel that these pads are of excellent quality. The colors are rich and the pads settle well to my colts’ backs. My husband is a veterinary chiropractor and acupuncturist so we understand the importance of having great saddle fit; these pads help with fit and the high quality wool absorbs shock from rider impacts resulting in fewer soreness concerns. Having equipment that is comfortable to our horses helps them develop and maintain a positive attitude. To me, that is as important as the training itself.

by Terri Cole on Cutter Classic Saddle Blankets
Wool saddle blankets

I have purchased three saddle blankets and couldn’t be more pleased. Excellent quality and they hold up very well. The pictures don’t do them Justice the colors are stunning.
Quality from honest and caring people.

by Cindy on Cutter Classic Saddle Blankets
Amazing Quality saddle pad

It’s always a pleasure to work with Anne. These saddle blanket s are like having artwork not just another pad. I love how easy they are to hose off and dry in no time. My second saddle pad came in a few days ago. It is more beautiful than I could’ve ever imagined. It is gorgeous 🙂 thank you so much! Kind of gives the same feeling that a woman has when she walks in the room and realizes she is the best dressed woman there :-). Doesn’t happen often but this saddle pad is extraordinarily beautiful ♥️

by Anne on Cutter Classic Saddle Blankets
heavy weight pad

I love this pad and better yet, my horse loves it. He has dips behind his withers and a lot of pads create a bridge between shoulders and rump causing pain on long rides. Cutter Classic made a custom pad filled in where it was needed. No wedges, no double padding, just a great good looking pad. I get so may compliments on it

by Wendy on Cutter Classic Saddle Blankets
Alpaca Pad

Just got our Alpaca pad in the mail today, it looks great! Thank you for your advice and assistance in helping us pick out a saddle pad for our needs. You have been great to work with!

by Joni Valerio on Cutter Classic Saddle Blankets
Great saddle pad and such good people

I am about to purchase my third saddle pad from Anne. No, they have not worn out -- far from it. I have one I use for my around-the-barn rides, one when I go out on group rides, and now I am buying an alpaca pad because I've been coveting one for 4 years. These pads made all the difference with my horse. Anne patiently found a solution for my Gypsy Vanner. I refer to him as a beach ball - no withers and very close-coupled. She made a special pad with felt on either side of the spine to give it stability. I no longer worried about my saddle slipping and now I ride out on trails confidently. All of the other ladies at my barn are dressage riders and they won't got out on trail without me and my horse to keep them safe. THANK YOU Anne, for your commitment to your product and your customers.

by Amy-Sue Marden on Cutter Classic Saddle Blankets
Amazing Saddle Pad!

Wonderful customer service, excellent quality and beautiful saddle pads. I bought one because my trainer has a couple older ones that have held up way better than other brands. I love that when you call you can talk directly with the ones that are making the pads, and they take the time to talk with you and figure out exactly what you need ♥️????

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