100% Merino Wool Backed Saddle Blankets

Try a layer of pure Merino wool fleece between you and your horse and make your life easier by making your horses’ lives easier. Quit worrying about sore backs, saddles slipping, shifting, or rocking sideways. Cutter Classic Saddle Blankets feature 100% Merino wool fleece under a wide variety of patterns and solid colored wool blankets in many colors. Add to that leather wear-leathers and a layer of breathable, antimicrobial hospital-bed padding in between. these pads softly mold to your horse’s back. They don’t soak up sweat and are easily sprayed clean with water. And they last for years. Ask anyone who’s been around the cutting pen awhile and you’ll likely hear “Oh yeah, I’ve had one for years and still use it all the time.”

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We are horsemen making products for horsemen. The blankets are built right here at our place in Marietta, OK. Use these blankets for work or pleasure riding, for the training barn, and for the show pen. Use the same pad for all those purposes as they keep their good looks under hard use.

Medium weight pad:

Our medium weight pad features a woven wool top guaranteed to consist of at least four pounds of wool, a layer of porous, non-absorbent padding, and a layer of Merino fleece. We add top grade leather wear-leathers that we can customize with your ranch name, brand, etc. These pads run 34″ withers to hips (we carry a few shorter pads) and 36″ and 38″ side to side, depending on the particular pattern. The different colors and patterns are displayed on our shop page. Medium weight pads are suitable for most training, showing, or pleasure riding.

Heavy weight pads:

Our heavy weight pad features a woven wool top of six pounds and the same filler, fleece, and wear-leathers as the medium weight pad. The length from withers to hips is also 34″. The length side to side on most of these is 38″. The heavier weight blanket is good on the horse that is saddled all day(for example Versatility and Stock Horse events, team penning and sorting, trail riding and ranch work). We recommend them for the hard working horse or any horse that could use a bit more protection. Many riders prefer this weight pad.

The Alpaca pad:

More on this pad

The beefed-up Cutter Classic pad:

Here we offer a thicker layer of protection by sewing a 1/2″ layer of felt under the sides of the blanket-not across the back-before adding fleece and filler. We make these especially for rope horses, working ranch horses, and horses that might have particular needs; the low-backed horse, the older horse, etc. We have also found that they work well on the round backed horse.