Ranch Horse Saddle Pad

“He’s Just A Ranch Horse…”

I’d bet you’ve heard that said before. And you think about what you ask those “just ranch horses” to do…. sometimes, all day long. At Cutter Classic we know that a good horse on a ranch or in a feed yard is just as special as a horse in any discipline. So Cutter Classic has teamed up with Tonya and Jerrel Shelley, who own and run the 916 Ranch in Cliff, NM and also with Scott Klement, who straightens up a lot of cattle in Muenster, TX, to design and thoroughly test our Tough Ranch Horse Saddle Pad.

Watch Jerrel and Tonya at work in these short videos and I think you’ll agree that these horses deserve a pad made with them in mind (videos below). Like all Cutter Classic pads, we put 1″ pure Merino fleece next to the horse. There is a heavyweight woven wool blanket on top, and between these layers is a combination of felt and soft, compressible padding. Long wear leathers and leather corner plates are optional to protect the blanket if you ride in rough country. Also, we can add extra filler if a horse has a low back, an extra steep wither, or other challenges. We use your choice of the heavyweight blankets.

For customized pads or roper horse blankets, we work from your evaluation and from pictures you send us.  Call Anne at 580-276-6126 to Place Your Order.

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Every Ranch Horse Saddle Pad Order Comes With

  • Heavyweight Woven Wool Blanket
  • 1″ Pure Merino Fleece
  • Felt and Soft Compressible Padding
  • Long Wear Leathers (optional)
  • Leather Corner Plates (optional)
  • Extra Filler (optional)


A Message from Cutter Classic:

“Scott called me needing a pad that would hold up and protect his horses’ backs under the stress of long hot days and long cold days. Our beefed up ranch horse pad is working well for him and for others. He changes horses and switches pads midday, but will not use anything else. We believe we can solve your problems too – no more sore backed horses and broken down pads.”