• Endorsed by Champions
  • Made with Merino & New Zeland Wool
  • Unique Designs

100% Merino Wool Saddle Pads & Blankets

CCSB has been making top quality saddle blankets here in Marietta, OK for performance horse exhibitors and ranch cowboys.

Using 100% Merino Wool fleece under woven wool blankets, sewing hospital bed padding in between and adding good quality wear-leathers has made for a saddle pad that also serves ropers, barrel racers, cow horse and stock horse competitors and serious trail riders.

We feel confident that we solve the problem of the sore-backed horse and can keep your saddle from shifting or your pad from slipping while giving you the convenience of a tough everyday pad that looks great in the show pen for years.

Although we are a small company, we are increasing our production and have many design and color choices at all times. These pads are also popular as awards and can be made with custom corner plates, custom leatherwork, brands, etc.


If you’re in the market for Saddle Blankets, Western Saddle Pads or Horse Saddle Pads, contact us here or give us a call at (580)276-6126 or (580)490-1124. We’re glad to visit with you and see how we can serve you!

Medium Weight Pads

  • Consists of at least four pounds of wool, a layer of porous, non-absorbent padding, and a layer of Merino fleece.
  • These pads run 34" withers to hips (we carry a few shorter pads) and 36" and 38" side to side, depending on the particular pattern.
  • Suitable for most training, showing, or pleasure riding.

Heavy Weight Pads

  • Features a woven wool top of six pounds and the same filler, fleece, and wear-leathers as the medium weight pad.
  • The length from withers to hips is also 34". The length side to side on most of these is 38".
  • The heavier weight blanket is good for an extra degree of padding and protection.

Alpaca Pads

  • A top of woven Alpaca in its 22 natural colors, our signature fleece and filler underneath, and you have as tough and unique a saddle pad as you will find.
  • The alpaca blanket has a lot of body, adding an added measure of protection to the horse's back.
  • Grown, woven, and constructed in Oklahoma and West Texas, every blanket is a unique , one-of-a-kind product.